lunedì 29 aprile 2013

☆ First Post (introducing myself+an outfit) ☆

Hey there! I finally decided to open a blog after months of brainwashing from my friends lol 
i'm a little bit shy,so even if I thought it would be interesting start blogging it was a bit hard for them convince me xD
but here i am (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆  since it's my very first post i think i should introduce myself a bit :3

My name is Nana, i'm 20 y.o and i'm from Italy.
I like gyaru style since i was 13,but i only get to be really interested from September 2011,and started to wear it in 2012 (yes i'm slow and i love procrastinating lol)
My fav brands are MA*RS,Stella,One Spo and Glad News (^〜^)
I take inspiration not just from japanese models (mostly Koakuma Ageha and Betty models) but also from some chinese and western gyaru bloggers!

I'm a member of the only existent italian gyaru sa, Kira Kira Diamante Club!

                                           (our new logo is so cool,isn't it? u_u)

In Italy japanese styles in general are not really popular,and in the whole country we are just like 8 girls who make efforts for wear this style (6 are my gyaru sa members and i lol)
this was one of the biggest reasons that led me to create this blog D:  
we're so few and we all know each other both in person or through the internet lol we don't really have a "community" so we can't really have a comparison with other people except us,and that's a thing i'm really jelous of other european\western countries xD

I'd also like to show you an outfit i wore for hang out with my KK sisters some weeks ago <3

                                           My tunic dress is from Yumetenbo (Diable Baiser)
                                                                my belt is from Ma*rs


                                                                    Outfit details (#^-^#)

                                      i love the back of this dress <3 (even if in this pic i look fat lol)

                                                          make up  o(^▽^)o

That's all for the moment :D
but lastly i want to thank my KK sis' Jay for make my blog's graphic (since i'm terrible at technological stuff lol)   love you girl <3

Thanks for reading this post (*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆


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