lunedì 29 aprile 2013

☆ Ma*rs outfit+ First Harajuku Fashion Walk in Milan ☆

Hey guys (≧▽≦)ゞ
sunday i went with my KK sisters (except my lovely Queenie,buuh ;_; ) to the first Harajuku Walk organized in my city!
At first we did not want to participate (since gyaru is not a "harajuku style" at all and stuff)  but since the event welcome all sort of japanese style,we tought why not xD 

Group pic (and imitating Rose's usual pose lol)

paparazzo' style pic (try to spot us lol)
There were a lot of photographers and also a lot of tourists etc... that wanted to took pictures of us xD There were also some "weird" moments when i was not with the whole Group but just with my sisters like random people trying to taking pics\filming us "secretly"  (we saw you all dudes lol) and an underground or something "rapper" who asked us to film a scene for his video with him lol
plus none believed we are italians O_o and people came to us trying to speaking english wtf
We also took some pic just the 5 of us :3
Rose ,Me,Mia and Jay  <3
me (i look like a child lol) and my sweet Rose
with my girls again and Kanan (stupid pics moment xD)

My oufit wasn't anything special,but i i was worried of the wheather (recently in Italy rain seems to doesn't have an ending >>) so i was dressed in layers,even if in the pics i mostly just have my dress on xD
both my dress and my necklace are from Ma*rs

                                                 Some oufit's details    (`・ω・´)

 My cutiepie Mia came back from her trip in Thailand after two months (i missed her so much T___T) and she bought us necklaces as presents (you can see mine is this pic above my Ma*rs one,it says Kira Kira Diamante Club, soo lovely ç__ç <3we have a gyaru sa's necklace now *happiness*)

It was so nice partecipated to this event and hanging out with my cutiepies after a while <3 fooling around and chat with them can always made my day o(^▽^)o

Thanks for reading this blog (*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆

love, Nana

8 commenti:

  1. I love your ma*rs outfit !

  2. finalmente sono riscita ad aggiungerti :)!
    anyway, sono contenta tu abbia iniziato un blog, mi piacciono sempre i tuoi outfit^w^

    bellerrima in tutte le foto, spero avremmo più occasioni per vederci tutte come ieri^^

    1. grazie Vivi <3 anche io mi sono divertita un sacco ieri,speriamo di rifarci :)

  3. youre outfit is just so cute but simple and lovely ^_^

    how about following each other?
    greetz, lenie

  4. I'm a new follower of your blog!!
    You look amazing in those outfits!
    Japanese fashion is definitely picking up worldwide!
    I'm really glad to see that! :)

    Check my blog out if you'd like, and please feel free to follow me!

    1. oh thank u,that's so sweet of you :3
      since i obviously like japanese fashion,i'm glad to see that too :)
      sure,i'll take a look ^-^