mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

☆ New spring gets+casual outfit ☆

Hey cutiepies (*^ ・^)ノ⌒☆
finally, after it rained in Italy for the whole March and April ( my hair were a mess for two months because of humidity,screw you rain lol ) the weather seems to getting better ( hallelujah \O/ )
so,since i saved some money i tought it was a good idea starting to spend some of them LOL (i don't think i'm made for being a saver ahah)

I want to show you some stuff from my latest order  (≧▽≦)

i bought this super cute set *__________*  i fell in love with it!Also i've an obsession for lilac recently,so i haved to bought something in this colorxD

and i also ordered those heels (they got lace,a ribbon and a kira kira heart,can they be more perfect?lol)  that match well my lilac set *W*    plus they will look so gorgeous with all my MA*RS  clothes (=^▽^=)     the only think that worry me a bit is that i'm not used to wear these kind of heels (*´Д`)=з
(without a strap or something to keep the feet adhered to the shoes...)  i will let you know if i will survive LOL

MA*RS bow <3    i get easily bored by accessories,so i never owned many,but i think it's time to start buying something nice for matching the clothes and complete my outfits xD  i'm planning to buy other head pieces and also necklaces when i'll have a bit of money :3

My Melody bag! I wanted this bag for 1 year ç_____ç   i love My Melo,and i always found it so lovely,but i never bought it before 'cause i look a lot younger then my age (it's something that will probably become an advantage when i'll be around 30 lol but for now sucks >>)   so i was like " if i buy it i'll look like i'm 12 and people will think i'm a middle schooler or something"   but recently i'm trying to do small thing for make myself happy,so i don't care if old ladies will stress me on public transport in the morning with crap like "OMG you're like 13 and you dress like that blabla with skirts so so short blabla and heavy make up blabla "  (if you're wondering i RARELY receive "negative" reactions because of my style,only old people get "shocked" lol  but i'm a zen person,and i forgive them for being a pain in the ass since when they were my age, applying nail polish was a scandal lol)

i've also bought a beautiful maxi dress from Zara last Sunday,but i can't find my camera anywhere and my phone is broken ç________ç   i'll show it to you maybe in one of the next posts or when i'll wear it :3

Lastly,i met my sisters Jay and Rose some days ago,we took a walk nothing special xD i tried a casual outfit with my new Ma*rs top :)

these jeans with bows are my fav one,but they don't fit me well anymore (i lost a lot of weight since last year)  they were soo big on meXD  i have to ask to the seamstress to tighten them

                                                                     some details :3 

my gyaru sa necklace+handmade My Melo necklace my mum gave me as present <3

that's all for the moment :3

thank you for reading this post   :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:(´・ω・`)

Nana  (i should make a cute banner as signature like other bloggers sooner or later lol)

9 commenti:

  1. sei venuta strabene nell prima foto**! l'outfit mi paice tanto e ti sta molto bene; anceh se sono un pò garndi i jeans per me ti stan bene cmq^^

  2. where did u get these jeans with bows?

    1. through my own shopping service ^^

  3. Com'è il maxi dress? *^* ne avevo preso uno anche io ma è da sera, quindi non saprei quando metterlo xD
    E comunque, sei bellissima Nana ♥

    1. sì,anche il mio è un po' da sera,ma lo metterò lo stesso di giornolol è rosa antico senza spalline,magari abbiamo lo stesso ahah (in effetti quando l'ho preso ho pensato subito che sarebbe piaciuto pure a te xD)

    2. Il mio è nero senza spalline ahah mi piace un sacco perchè mi fa sentire una principessa *-* rosa ci sta metterlo di giorno!

    3. sììì è quello il bello dei maxi dress ** principessitudine lol

    4. Se putain non faceva la cazzo di serata colorata lo mettevo all'Asian xD